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Caught Wife Masterbating In The Shower

This camcorder video was taken by a guy who caught his wife masterbating in the shower. The young blonde wife was caught masterbating with the showerhead. As the guy crept in with the camcorder his wife was aiming the pulsating jet of water directly onto her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see him creeping round the door. She just continued to masterbate until she reached an intense climax with the showerhead just inches from her cunt.

Caught Wife Masterbating

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Horny Wife Caught Masterbating On Hidden Cam

Today I've found another video of a horny wife caught masterbating on hidden cam. You can download this video of a hot wife masterbating in her bedroom on the link below the picture...

Horny Wife Caught

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This video was recorded after the guy set up a camcorder on top of the wardrobe and covered it in some old clothes - with just the lens sticking out of course. Sometimes you don't have to be hi-tech to get good results! In this case the results were awesome. He caught his hot wife stripping naked in the bedroom and getting down to some hot masterbation on their bed. You can see every intimate detail as she fingers her pussy and rubs her clit hard before exploding in an intense orgasm.

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I Caught My Wife Masterbating On The Bed

"I caught my wife masterbating on the bed when I set up a hidden camera in our bedroom. I wanted to secretly record us having sex but instead I caught her reading my porn magazine and playing with herself. It was a shock to see her, half-naked, lying on our bed and fingering her pussy but it was also an enormous turn-on. After I had watched the video we had the best sex ever, and she still doesn't know why"!

I Caught My Wife Masterbating

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This guy caught his wife masterbating and discovered the thrill of watching his spouse flying solo. He also decided to share this video for the added buzz of knowing that other men are lusting after his hot wife. You can download the video now on the link above.

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Wife Caught Masterbating - Hidden Camera Video

Check out this hidden camera video of a horny wife caught masterbating on the sofa. This woman's husband caught his wife fingering her pussy when he set up the hidden cam in their living room for a laugh. The guy went out to play football and forgot about the camcorder he had left recording at home. When he returned and checked the tape he found this hot footage of his horny wife playing with herself on the sofa.

Wife Caught Masterbating

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Wife Caught On Cam Masterbating To Porn

This wife was caught on cam masterbating to porn. The hidden cam caught the wife looking at online porn when her suspicious husband left a hidden camera in their computer room. The wife was caught red handed with her fingers in her pussy as she watched two girls fucking each other with dildos. You can watch the resulting video footage by clicking the link below...

Wife Caught On Cam

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As a result of planting this hidden camera the guy found out his wife had been masturbating to lesbian porn online for several months. When he asked her about it she said she had fantasies about having a lesbian experience but didn't know how to tell him. He's currently trying to convince her to try it out for real - with him joining in of course. You see, sometimes it can be good to spy on your wife!

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Wife Caught Humping Hand On Sofa

This wife was caught humping her hand on the sofa when her husband installed a hidden camera in their living room. He had noticed the room smelled like sex sometimes when he came home from work so he decided to see what was going on. When he watched back this video it was pretty obvious that his wife was masterbating when he was out. She was in the habit of humping her hand as well as the cushions on the sofa - hence the smell of pussy when he came home!

Wife Caught Humping Hand

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